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Hola Devs !! I am sure you would have read about “this” being one of the bad parts of JavaScript and to be honest it is confusing. In simple terms “this is a property of execution context”. It refers to the object that contains the function.

Before answering about “this” I would like you to understand 2 important concepts “scope” and “context”. (I have written about lexical scope, please check this out to understand in-depth). …

When I pass something to a function will it be passed by value or passed by reference? You would definitely have stumbled upon this concept no matter which programming language you use. If you come from C/C++ background like me you know that you have the choice in your hand. To pass by reference you’ll accept the argument as a pointer else as a primitive value like

int function abc(int a){} => pass by value 
int function abc(int *a){} => pass by reference

In short, if you want your called fn to manipulate the value, you pass a reference…

Hola Developer!!!! Well I know that is a bit dramatic title, but that truly describes my feeling when I read this term again and again be it understanding how “this” works in JS or what is a closure or solving console questions. Lexical scope is one of the fundamental concepts in JavaScript, so let me demystify this cool thing.

Every program, written in any language has only one job => perform computation. Now to run some specific business logic the program might need to store some variables and access them later this is what gives your program a state and…

Aloha developers, this is Jainish, SDE-1 @ Innovaccer Analytics. To give you a brief I am a JavaScript Dev working on creating resilient reusable components in React.js. I and my team are working on creating a platform for hosting, creating, and managing Dashboards for our Health Care partners in the United States. We have created a plethora of features like Click Based Dashboard creations, Permission Module for ACL, easy Alerts Creation, to name a few.

Last week I was in a Sprint Planning meeting, discussing creating a Publish Management Service for maintaining the controlled flow of Dashboards in our platform…


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